I was driving to Tennessee one year and I had what might be a spiritual journey.  It’s the red dirt of Tennessee that I love and the many interesting things that I find.  The Lauderdale County area is  where my parents  family is from. There is a Fort they’re called Fort Pillow and I was driving through the park where the fort is located and decided to pull over and take some pictures.  The story of Fort Pillow is that there was a massacre  of a Black Troop by Confederate Troops.  The story is long so I won’t go into it but the area is rumored to be haunted.  I was trying to take some pictures when I realized how silent it was there.  Nature all around you and I could hear nothing just silence.  I started to take some pictures and it wasn’t as though I saw anything, it was as though I had filled up saddest and just got real emotional.  I felt as though I was not feeling my own pain but someone else’s pain. I started crying and just couldn’t stop.  I felt as though I had lost someone special to me, but I didn’t know of any family member who might have been a part of the massacre.
Well after a while I calmed down and got back in my car and left.  As I was driving back out of the park I felt at peace, a calm came over me and I felt like everything was alright.  I told my cousins about it later and they told me we had family members who not only died in the battle of Fort Pillow  but that they lived there .  I was also told there had been a Black Town in that area that had also been destroyed by the confederate army.  I don’t know if it was family or just me  feeling the spirits of those left behind but  what  I felt  was real,  even thought I was sad while there I still go back every time I go to Tennessee.  I felt at home and peaceful , was it me just feeling all the lost of life in the area,  don’t know but I felt it.