My Physical Journey as I much to quickly approach fifty is to become a better person to me.  I have lived most of my life distracting myself from me.  When I left my mother’s home at the wise age of 20 I did not leave it thinking about how to better me.  I left with the thought that now that ” I think I’m grown” and I have my own place it’s time to find a man.  So out on the hunt I went, and like most young girls I didn’t hunt long, and as a matter of fact it wasn’t even a good hunt, I went to a job interview two weeks after moving and this guy kept looking at me and within a week or two were a couple.  That’s it, that all it took, he’s looking at me.  So I don’t think it was a hunt I think it was ” It’s A Man” .  That’s what would complete me, I was of course grown and out my momma’s house the only next step was to have a man.  Who I was as a person never crossed my mind.  I didn’t think go out there and discover what I liked about me or what did I like to do, or where I even wanted to travel to.  I put him right in front of me.  Two years later I had my first son, then another, then another.  All of I put in front of me.  Now the boys are moving on with their life and Dad is not as shiny anymore.  So there I stand, last summer I planted a vegetable garden and I found that I liked it, it was a lot of work, but I liked it.  It did help clear my mind on days when work had me screaming.  I think that was the start of me doing something for me, and it was good.  So now my journey is me.  I am gonna garden this year, get to a better place in my head, love my body with exercise and good foods and see where it takes me.  I love my son to death but they are own their own roads now, and they are excited for me and not so shiny dad can take care of himself, they even say it’s my time.