Today my oldest son turned 21.  I have two other boys ages 16, and 19, the old saying of where does the time go, I truly understand today.  First the girls snuck in when I wasn’t looking and now time has slipped by my too.  I can truly remember the first pains of labor, I still recall the fear I had when I knew it was really about to happen, I was in labor.  Now he’s twenty-one.  I still here myself making the phone call to his father at work telling him it was time.  That’s funny, you hear that on tv but that really what I said.  Now he’s an adult, legally able to do whatever he wants to do.  I can’t pull my mother card to make him come back to me either.  As Big Bother, he played the role well for him brothers, his youngest brother is the biggest pain in his life, my middle son he doesn’t worry with much he said he makes the right decisions but I need to watch my little brother. I am so proud of my boys as I watch them grow and ready themselves to leave home for the real world.  I never knew how lonely it would be as they start this transition in life but I know you have to let them go a find their own road, make their own mistakes, boy is that hard.   But even with turning 21 he doesn’t want to go out drinking or anything like most young men his age, he wants dinner with his mother. I guess I did something right.